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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

- Our Mission -

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"

History of Muthur.

Muthur was known as “Kottiyarapurapattru/Kottiyaram” in the history. In Muthur Muslim, Tamil and Sinhales communities live together. According to the available history Muslims who ever ruined by King second Rajasinke of Kandy were sent to Kottiyarapurapattru.

During the same period Kottiyarapurapattry was under the control of “Vanniyan Brothers” there was an internal conflict among the brothers. Paved the way to escape one of the brothers to the southern coast of India around “Thoothukudi” he recruited few catholic soldiers from Thoothukudi and brought them to Kottiyarapurapattru.

In 1638 coastal area of the Island was brought under the control of Dutch from Portgees. During the period Kottiyarapurapattru was ruled by King second Rajasinghe. Accordingly remnants of the fort which was built by the king, was from around the motor central college.

In 1669 near the Kottaiyaru coast “Robert Knox” was arrested by king second Rajasinghe.

In 1947 Kottiyarapurapattru was administered as a single DRO. After 1952 Kottiyarapurapattru was divided into Muthur and Seruwila Division. In 1972 Muthur was administered as an AGA office. Since 1993 it has become as Divisional Secretariat.


Role Performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.N.Sivaganasuntharam (DRO) 1947 1950
Mr.V.Navarathinaraja (DRO)1951 1951 1953
Mr.Srinivasan (DRO) 1953 1954
Mr.Thiyoplans (DRO) 1957 1959
Mr.K.Selvarednam (DRO) 1960 1962
Mr.Antan Albirad (DRO) 1963 1963
Mr.M.Murukesu (DRO) 1965 1967 
Mr.Kankesan (DRO) 1968 1971 
Mr.M.Ibarahim (AGA) 1972 1978
Mr.S. Kaneshalingam (AGA) 1978 1982 
Mr.M.A.C.Habeed Mohamed (AGA) 1983 1985
Mr.U.Z.Abdeen (AGA) 1985 1987
Mr.A.Veerasingam AGA 1988 1989
Mr. V.Vaithiyalingam (AGA) 1989 1990
Mr.A.Puvanendiran (AGA) 1990 1991
Mr.K.Jeyachandiran (DS) 1991 1992
Mr.M.A.M.Niyas (ADS) 1992 1993
Mr.A.Thangaraja (DS) 1993 1995
Mr.M.C.M.Sareef (ADS) 1993 1994 
Mr.A.Nadaraja (DS) 1995 2005.03.01
Mr.M.A.M.Niyas DS 2005.03.02 2006.05.30 
Mr.N.Manivannan (DS) 2006.06.01 2006.08.04 
Mr.M.C.M.Sareef (DS) 2006.08.11 2007.08.31 
Mr.M.H.Mohamed Kani (DS) 2007.09.01 2008.06.26 
Mr.N.Selvanayagam DS) 2008.06.27 2012.03.24 
Mr.P.Thaneshwaran (DS)    
Mr.A.H.M.Nazeer (DS)    
Mr.N.Piratheepan (ADS) 2012.02.03 2012.07.31 
Mr.N.Piratheepan (DS) 2012.08.01  
Mr. A.Thahir (ADS)    
Mr.V.Yosuf (DS)    
Mr.A.Thahir (DS)    

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GA Cup - 2018

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